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May 04, 2023
Written by Mavim
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Reuters Supply Chain USA 2023 | Come See Us! Where? McCormick Place, Chicago, USA When? May 17-18 7:30 AM-7:30 PM

Customer-Centric. Resilient. ESG Compliant. Cost Effective. Data Driven. 

Recent history has exposed the glaring weaknesses in our supply chains networks. One issue and it all comes crashing down like a house of cards. Resulting in expensive quick fixes to save the day. 

It’s time to build supply chains that are resilient, customer centric AND cost-effective. That’s what senior management is demanding. 

How do we get there when everything is so fragmented? It’s now time to break down siloes, open communication between planners, suppliers, procurement, manufacturing and logistics. Reason? To get your product into the hands of your customer without breaking the bank. 


That’s why we are attending and sponsoring Supply Chain USA!  

It is about bringing together the END-TO-END supply chain to share new best-practice and strategies for the future as we build the future of supply chain networks. At the event, we will be educating and conversing around the topic of our BPM platform and how our capabilities are substantial to benefiting you in optimizing your supply chain from strategy to execution.   

In Chicago on May 17-18, 900 executives from across the supply chain ecosystem -Fortune 500 retailers and manufacturers, forward-thinking logistics organizations, leading technology solution providers, government officials and industry heavyweights, will all come together in Chicago to share their vision of the future and make it a reality. 

Come and see us | McCormick Place, Chicago, USA | May 17-18 7:30 AM-7:30 PM

Mavim’s Head of USA Value Engineering Leo Salomons, and Accenture’s Head of Process Operations Barbara Lederer, will come together to bring the ideas of driving your business initiatives to life. 

As the economics perspectives tend to go downward, cost reductions are inevitable in a company’s journey towards a scalable supply chain, however, "blind” reductions are not the answer.  

How do you manage your cost reductions in a sustainable and substantive way? It is all about transformation and you cannot do that without BPM; insights in your processes, collaboration among your digitalization, and control over your issue-based performance. Accenture's asset-based best practice view, anchored on the Mavim platform to manage your supply chain cost reduction transformation end-to-end, creates the differentiating proposition for your organization. Accenture’s Barbara Lederer and Mavim’s Leo Salomons will take you through a journey to combine cost reduction, issue-based performance, and platform transformation successfully.   


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